Is Australia still a free country

Civil liberties in Australia are on the verge of extinction, thanks to the government’s response to the COVID crisis. What has been heralded as a triumph of science and quick responses has drifted towards something far more totalitarian that imposes its will on the country’s citizens, restricting them from living their lives, much less enjoying supposedly guaranteed liberties.


He dont look British to me

I am sure he would like to bomb the infidels in Britain.

Man with strong northern English accent waves UK passport and says army is refusing to let him into Kabul airport – as video shows ‘two young children left behind after parents were let in’ without them

Daily mail

Do you have to be stupid be a conservative? No, but it helps.

‘In 1970,’ observes Edmund Fawcett in his recent survey of political conservatism, ‘the best predictor of high conservative alignment in voting was a college education.’ ‘Now,’ he notes, ‘it is the reverse.’ Many other statistics sing this tune of political realignment.


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